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Hi! I'm Kelly and I help single women (and women who feel alone in a relationship) win at love, life, & relationships. 


Happiness, fulfillment, joy, & extraordinary love begin with the most important relationship of your life...

the relationship you have with yourself.


Self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence are the keys to unlocking a winning life.

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Your Invitation to Win at Love & Relationships

Now is the best time to do the inner work to overcome your love blocks, so you can create the wonderful relationships you've always dreamed of having.  

I am curious, is this you?

  • Are you desperate to heal and let go of your past so that you can live a life worth living?
  • Do you have blocks, fears, and barriers that are preventing you from moving forward and finding extraordinary love?
  • Have you lost your confidence and are looking to reclaim your self-worth and self-esteem?
  • Have you lost touch with who you are and desperately want to reconnect with yourself?
  • Are you tired of feeling alone and unsupported and are ready to make a shift so you can feel valued & appreciated?


Transformation is deep personal development work. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, you will experience a process of shedding old beliefs, structures, relationship dynamics and ways of living to come into your full expression.

And you do not need to do it alone!

Although a caterpillar knows that it is destined for more, it cannot imagine the beauty, depth, freedom, and light that it will become once it is a butterfly: the full expression of who it was always meant to be. Metamorphosis combined with Feminine Power is a potent combination for living your extraordinary life.

Having the right coach is the key to success. The most valuable coach is someone who succeeded on the path ahead of you. Who can hold the container of growth and transformation for you and can see and reflect back to you your potentials. A coach that can give you the tools and guidance to fast track your journey, along with a structure of support and accountability.

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Are you ready to…

  • To attract & experience extraordinary love?

  • Heal and move beyond your past so that you can enjoy an extraordinary life with personal happiness & emotional freedom?

  • Have authentic confidence to take your next steps, face challenges more readily, and connect with others more fully?

  • Feel more vibrant, alive, and joyful in everyday life?

  • Have a deep, satisfying feeling about yourself?

  • Trust yourself and others so that you can show up radiant, strong, and beautiful from the inside out?

Yes, I Want to Feel This Way!

My Offerings

Three paths to explore:


Online options to deepen, expand, and strengthen your transformation at your own pace.


1:1 and group coaching give you clear direction, accountability, and ongoing guidance for real, lasting results.


Live or virtual workshops, events, retreats, and circles offer a sacred space to connect, have fun, explore, expand, and grow.


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