New Paradigm Leadership Academy™

Does this sound like you?

Are you in the expansion phase of your business and find yourself struggling?

  • You have created a company that is running you instead of you running the company.  
  • You are growing; however, it isn't sustainable.  You are at capacity and you are overhwelmed.
  • You don't have technology in place to support you and you are doing a lot of backend tasks manually.
  • You are starting to veer away fron the reason why you launched your business in the first place.
  • As the business owner, you feel like you are 'winging it', because you haven't really focused on leadership, strategy, and laying a solid foundation to grow upon.

The truth is that knowing how to do the work of your business has nothing to do with building a business that is sustainable and successful. 

This is what I call being the DOER instead of the LEADER of your business.

Here is the thing...

Running your heart-centered, soul-aligned business doesn't have to be hard.  It doesn't have to feel overwhelming.  You have gifts & talents that you soulmate client's are waiting for.  And, you don't have to spend months trying to figure out this business thing on your own.  New Paradigm Leadership Academy™ gives you everything you need in a 6-month high-touch growth container to scale and grow your business.  You enter the academy as the DOER of your business and leave the academy as the LEADER of your business. 

The results are a company that isn't dependent on your sweat equity to produce income or a company that is one bad thing that ends the whole journey. As a New Paradigm Leader, you lead your business with confidence, heart, soul, and skills to make the ripples in the world your heart desires.

Welcome to New Paradigm Leadership Academy™

Inside New Paradigm Leadership Academy™, you will leverage 13 core competencies to lead your business to six-figures. 

  1. Establishing a solid foundation to grow & expand upon
  2. Clarifying your message & soulmate clients
  3. Defining your marketable transformation (your offerings)
  4. Developing mental/emotional mastery
  5. Cultivating your unique wealth & impact formula (leverage your differentiation)
  6. Embracing visibility and BEing your brand ambassador (marketing)
  7. Conducing heart-centered sales & enrollment conversations
  8. Hiring & training your dream team
  9. Partnering and collaborating for expansive growth
  10. Advancing your coaching & service delivery skills
  11. Leveraging systems, processes, & automation to maximize time
  12. Becoming the leader of your business
  13. Cultivating Faith and trust throughout your soulpreneur journey


I am Ready for My Next Level of Success!

I don't coach you to be more like me and my business.

As your coach, I don't stand behind a pattern I am seeing in the coaching industry which is to disempower and diminish you.  As an example, "You must do XYZ in order to be successful."  This approach is the current paradigm (way) of doing business, and it is time that we do business differently.

Now is the time to bring heart, soul, and energy back into the business.

As your Intuitive Business Coach, I partner with you to be more like you and your business because you are your differentiating factor in this saturated market. I empower you to step into the leadership of your business as the New Paradigm Leader who values bringing heart, soul, and energy back into the company as a leader empowered to share her gifts & talents with the world through the vehicle of her business.

Just Imagine...


  • You step into the leadership role of your business and lead your business to six-figures.
  • You uplevel your purpose-driven business to match the impact & contribution you soul desires. 
  • You stop playing small and dimming your light, as you shift into the New Paradigm Leader, who accepts nothing less than feeling totally lit up everyday in business and life.  
  • You go from feeling scattered, confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated in your business to clear, aligned, and unstoppable.
  • You shift from 'winging it' or 'one-size-fits-all' strategies that aren't working for you to strategies that completely & authentically are aligned with who you are and what you believe so you can magnetize your dream clients with ease.
  • You fall completely head over heels in love with your company because it is everything you imagined.  You step into your confidence and leadership, embrace your unique gifts and talents, and sell & service from a place of heart & soul.  

Fill out the application below to get started.  Psstt... your soulmate clients are waiting for you!

Academy Application